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“I went to see Androulla under the recommendation of a friend as I was always feeling tired. I can’t say that I fully understood what NAET was about but I just wanted to try something natural so I decided to give it a go.

Very quickly, Androulla was able to assess some issues with my eating habits and correcting them helped me get better. Androulla treated me for various allergies and intolerances as well as hay fever. I can say that I’ve never felt so good. No more blocked nose all the time, much more energy, better sleep. Androulla is a miracle maker.”

Ian Perrin, Kentish Town


“I must admit, I was dubious bordering on skeptical.  I’ve always been open to alternative ways of thinking but I was on the fence in regards to NAET. Despite being told by my wife to visit Androulla on a number of occassions and Androulla pleading with me to let her treat me for my hayfever and allergies, I never committed.

One day that all changed when my hayfever got so bad and I was inside my home with windows closed on a bright sunny day whilst my family went on a day trip.  It was the last straw and I remember thinking what the hell, what have I got to lose by trying?  I made an appointment and have not looked back since! My hayfever symptoms are nearly non existent, I can work in the garden, get lost in the woods with my children hayfever free.  Every now and then I get a little tickle in my throat I just collect what’s around me in a container and take it to my next treatment.  I’m being treated for hayfever and allergies to fruits, nuts, dogs and cats.  I’m asthmatic too, another thing I haven’t had appear since being treated.

I want you to know that I don’t understand how it works (Androulla has explained) and to be honest I don’t really care.  It makes no sense in the way we normally think of treatments but it works and that’s all that matters.  How can you sleep but be awake?  It sounds mad but only people that are being treated will understand that. NAET makes me feel better, that’s plenty enough information for me.  

If you don’t try, you’ll never know!”

Gavin Prime, Welwyn Garden City

“When I first came to see Androulla for NAET treatments I was in a pretty bad way. I had difficulty digesting almost anything I ate, my stress levels were extremely high and I was suffering from chronic fatigue.

As the treatments progressed I found that I was gradually letting go of the tension in my muscles and becoming able to eat things that up until then had caused my stomach to really grind to a halt. I felt that the NAET treatments gave my body a breathing space which has since allowed me to continue my progress towards health through twice daily relaxing meditation.

I am very grateful to Androulla for the help she gave me and recommend her positive bubbly personality to anyone looking for a good NAET therapist.”

Joe, Woodford Green

“I initially came to see Androulla for my asthma. At the time I was having several severe asthma attacks a day. The slightest physical effort would cause me to wheeze. I could barely breathe and I was on a very high dose of asthma medication including steroids.

Androulla treated me first with homoeopathy and then with NAET and I can hardly believe the difference. Each time Androulla gave me a treatment it felt as if she had removed a layer of heavy clothing from my body. My asthma has almost completely gone, I am sleeping really well, I am eating a lot less but feeling more satisfied. I have so much more energy and a few months ago I walked to the top of Mount Etna. Emotionally I am stronger and more confident. In fact I feel more like the ‘real Julia’. Even other people have noticed the change in me and told me that I look ten years younger.

I think that everyone should have the NAET treatment even if the think they have no symptoms. I really do recommend they see Androulla.”

Julia Kyriacou, Mill Hill, London

“I was 28 years, I had no energy, I was falling asleep at 9pm and struggling to wake up in the morning. I was anaemic. I was constantly eating, but never feeling satisfied, my abdomen was always bloated and I never seemed to benefit from what I thought was healthy eating. I was emotionally and physically drained. I felt as if I was 90 years old.

A friend recommended that I see Androulla who started treating me with NAET. NAET has helped me both physically and emotionally. I am sleeping better and waking refreshed, I have so much more energy and I am not falling asleep at 9pm every night. I have colour in my cheeks, am more focussed, I feel physically stronger and for the first time in years I feel able to enjoy my life. Androulla has been great at teaching me about living a healthy life-style and healthy eating but the great eye-opener has been some of the emotional issues that have come up and been dealt with during some of my NAET treatments. I’d had no idea that little things that I had forgotten about, had affected me so deeply, that over the years, they had caused physical symptoms

I cannot thank Androulla enough for all she has done for me and I can recommend her to you without any hesitation.”

Marina, Hendon, London

“For the past 19 years my family and friends have seen how numerous health and emotional problems have taken away the part of me that was happy funny and outgoing.

I had so many health problems but as each one was treated the treatment would cause another more serious problem. I had asthma and was treated with steroids. I developed eczema and spent several years in agony, covered with creams and bandages. I became very sensitive to the sun and could not go out into the sunlight, even on a cloudy day, without getting badly burnt. I caught frequent infections and had to take several courses of antibiotics. I had so much pain in my joints I was referred to a rheumatologist and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and possibly Lupus. I seemed to be developing more and more allergies to things around me. I was spending most of my life in my bedroom and getting progressively more and more depressed.

I was introduced to Androulla in 2004 and she started to treat me with homoeopathy, diet and Flower essences. Almost immediately I noticed things changing in my body as if it was trying to ‘chuck things out’ and emotionally I began to feel stronger and more positive.

In April 2006 Androulla started to treat me with NAET. I noticed my skin looked and felt softer. My asthma attacks have become less frequent and a lot less severe. I have a lot more energy, I find that I can go out in the sun for short periods without burning and, if I do burn, my skin heals faster.

With NAET Androulla has also treated me for emotional blockages caused by stressful incidents that happened years ago. I am now calmer and a lot more self confident.

I am still having regular NAET treatments and I am truly grateful to Androulla for her continual help and support. By eliminating my allergies I am getting stronger both physically and emotionally and I can now look forward to getting married next year and really enjoying myself.”

Bernadette Hensley, Greenford, Middx

Androulla is a fantastic NAET practitioner, Naturopath and Homoeopath. Not only is she well versed in these modalities, she has plenty of other alternative insights that are revelatory and a welcome. Her personal approach is thorough and specific to your individual needs.

I began my work with her over one year ago and in that time I have reversed several nagging allergies, digestive issues, and female discomforts (fibroids, excessive bleeding, etc.) She is a wealth of knowledge and support. If you are having any sort of health discomforts, large or small… She will guide you back to your fullest potential and optimum health, guaranteed!
From my heart to yours, Androulla… Thank you!

Christina Fanizzi, London

I am now 32 and for as long as I can remember I had resigned myself to never feeling quite right.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 4 and a half, have suffered from eczema, acute heat rash and pet allergies which became asthma; as a teenager I became susceptible to chest infections and bronchitis which included hospitalisation, in my 20’s I was diagnosed with a long list of food intolerances, migraines and chronic IBS, and in my 30’s my doctors found haemorrhages in both eyes (a diabetic complication).
I have always been tired, often exhausted, living on painkillers and always waiting for my head or stomach to play up, which caused me to be permanently stressed and frustrated. Despite everything that I tried (which ranged from regular GP visits and appointments with specialists, nutritional advice, food avoidance, hypnosis, varied diets), it was only once I met Androulla a year ago and started treatment with her that I have been able to start to fight all of these issues and lead a normal life.

The right diet, supplements, NAET and EFT have helped me get well. My immune system is strong, my diabetes better controlled, my eyes recovered, my allergies gone, my head and stomach give me no further problems… I am no longer constantly suffering from the different issues that I expected to always have to deal with. I have loads of energy and finally feel healthy, happy and calm. With this help from Androulla, I have started to build the foundations for a better life.

I cannot recommend Androulla enough – if you are suffering and don’t believe you can feel better – do give her a call and start enjoying your life again. I am testament to that.

Emma Herbert, London