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Naturopathy is a complementary system of health care that promotes the body’s natural self-healing process. It is an holistic method of treatment that looks at each patient’s symptoms and lifestyle so as to identify the cause of the symptoms and then use natural therapies to help you, the patient, feel better and enjoy Good Health for Life.

What does Good Health for Life mean? It could mean that we need Good Health to enjoy our lives but it could also mean we can enjoy Good Health for all of our life.

Growing older does not necessarily mean we have to get sicker. There are many elderly people in the world today who still enjoy good, healthy, active lives. Yes, a lot of this is said to be down to genetics but it may also have a great deal to do with how we look after our bodies and how we live our lives.

A good way to illustrate this is to compare the body to a car and it does not matter if this is a Rolls Royce, an Escort or a Mini.

If we:

  • Put the right fuel in the tank
  • Keep the engine oiled
  • Keep the radiator topped up with water
  • Use it regularly and not leave it in the garage for days on end
  • Keep it clean and give it a regular service

Then it can give you years of happy motoring.

As a Naturopath I will look at each patient as an individual. I generally ask my patients to keep a food and drink diary for a week or two before they come to see me. I will then be able to look at their diet – what they eat and drink, how they eat it, what they eat it with, when they eat it and with whom.

I will look at their lifestyle – their work, how they are affected by stress, how they relax, how they breathe, what they do for exercise and also how they sleep.

I will also look at their symptoms – what could have caused them, how long they have had them and how they affect the patient’s life.

Treatments available
As a Naturopath I can offer a wide variety of natural treatments according to the needs of the patient. As well as advice on diet, detoxification, fasting, exercise and life style I also offer:

  • Auricular Acupunture – for stress and anxiety, phobias, eating disorders and addictions.
  • Cupping – helps stimulate circulation and promotes healing.
  • Hopi Ear Candling – this can help rebalance the ears, reduce excessive ear wax, help to reduce tinnitus, relieve headaches and blocked sinuses.
  • Baunscheidt – helps to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and can help reduce blockages caused by scar tissue.
  • Flower Essence Therapy – I use Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers to support patients who have suffered emotional trauma either recently or in the past. Flower remedies can help with other emotional disturbances such as anger, fear, lack of confidence, relationship problems and they can also help with physical problems such as headaches, back problems, travel sickness and many more.
  • Magnet Therapy – to improve circulation, speed up healing of wounds and sports injuries, reduce stiffness, aches and pains in joints and reduce swelling.

If needed I sometimes refer my patients on to other therapists such as Osteopaths, massage therapists, colonic irrigation practitioners or Yoga teachers.

Naturopathy and a naturopathic lifestyle is not a quick fix after years of bad eating and lifestyle habits but it can help you take control of your symptoms, regain your help and enjoy Good Health for Life.